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This new creation was born from the meeting between a musician / programmer and an actor / director around the text “ La vie de marchandise” by William Pellier .

“The subject of “La vie de marchandise” is dispossession, dispossession of one’s body, dispossession of one’s conscience, dispossession of what we thought we had, since everything having become an object, everything can be lost. Subject so buried in the text that it becomes imperceptible and perhaps unrepresentable. We are born in factories, and to die we use other factories. […] We are only at the very beginning of this kind of life. Living is now a functional act.”
The staging and scenography of “La vie de marchandise” play a significant technical role, forcing the actor to perform. Video / light / sound design is treated in the foreground here and immerses the audience in a story full of humor, emotion and gravity.

La Vie de marchandise

> _ LA VIE DE MARCHANDISE (William Pellier)
They live out of time: he, she, the poodle. They want to talk, they have no one to talk to. They have no past, just photographs where they can still be seen standing and facing. They smell of plastic, nylon, plywood. They eat frozen food. They hardly think; they think of them more often. They try to remember: when did things happen, or when did they change? How has life gone so quickly?

Artistic Team

Olivier Valcarcel

Director, compositor, surround sound design, MaxMsp developer

Stéphane Buisson


Pierre Agoutin

Video editor, VJay

Romain Bouez

Ligth design, light operator

Arnaud Troalic (cie Akté)

Actor's director ⤳ Visit website


Working session

In February, March and April then early 2020
Creation on April 2 and 3, 2020 – Espace Malraux National Stage Chambéry Savoie (Totem on stage / Modulation festival)


Espace Malraux, Scène Nationale Chambéry Savoie | L’Endroit, fabrique artistique | Compagnie Trafic


Le Dôme Théâtre | Totem/MJC de Chambéry (artiste associé 2018-2019)