Weird Noise participates in various immersive projects, particularly in the field of live music. Here are different collaborations for which the company has implemented interactive devices. These tools allow musicians to act on the spatialization of the sound, the effects processing on their instruments (looper, reverb, delay, fx …) or even lights, video, etc … thus offering the public a unique experience.

Attention (Cie Akté)

Each of us has the freedom to close the eyes: this closing cannot be a solution, but it can teach us that, usually, we keep them open without realizing that this is an act.
(La Guerre des Images in Quelques guerre by Bernard Noël)

André Toujours, data analyst and expert in the development of Artificial Intelligence for INTERSTAT, begins, following a burnout, a bitter fight against the disappearance of our free will.
It offers a carefully selected audience the viewing of an experimental film : “You lost sight of each other for so long”.

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We Want Our Money Back

This group was born after watching a documentary in which the previous president of Medef said: “We want our money back”. This sentence was an electric shock. In its context and its substance, a whole section of our society appears, unpleasant, frightening, questioning. From all this, a desire arose. Many of us musicians beg for a living from the art to which we have devoted ourselves tirelessly for many years. We can respond in our own way with poetry and collective action, like thumbing our noses at the contempt and violence of these beings and the role model they defend. We will come together and play in an orchestra that will be named after this phrase: We Want Our Money Back.

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WWOMB is supported by : Puzzle, Collectif Pince Oreilles, Weird Noise


Welcome to a Dantesque hell inhabited by freaks, bohemians, transgenders, artists, lunatics…
Songs that mix a sweet, trilingual pop with a hard and trending progressive Rock. 
L’Ombra is a light and dark rock, a contrasting music that follows its characters’ emotions like a shadow.

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L’Ombra is supported by : Puzzle, Weird Noise