Broken Devices

Broken Devices

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Broken Devices

Broken Devices plays a dark and distorded instrumental trip hop music where dense orchestrations rub soulders with ravishing beats and noisy minimalism. Influenced by Giacinto Scelsi or even Dalëk, their music claims to be cinematic and dissonant.

« Anger or silence », their first experimentation on stage is a show halfway between concert and visual performance, plunging the audience in a device combining electronic music, video mapping and 360° surround sound.

Through a poetic and singular story, Broken Devices proposes sharing the absurd vision of a character with muddled ideas. Their music shoves the epic of this man, walking his madness in a world that’s beyond him. The audience, voluntary guinea pig of this experiment, is plunged into the twist and turns of this tortured mind.

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Equipe Artistique


Scenario, composition, scenography, sound design, machine, keyboard


Video mapping, editor and FX

Benjamin Farque

Bass, keyboard

Romain Bouez

Analog Synth, Fx

Jean Camilleri

Light design

Olivier Peysson

Chef opérateur

Jean Monier, Géraldine Mercier


Matthieu Pierre Jackson

Set Designer & Pupeteer


La région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Fonds de soutien à la création artistique numérique – Fonds [SCAN]), Le Conseil départemental de la Savoie (Aides aux équipes artistiques professionnelles), La ville de Chambéry (aide au projet), Malraux Scène Nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie, Le Brise Glace (74), Les Abattoirs (38), Le 109 (03), L’APEJS (73)